Designing A Winning Ugly Sweater Jersey (Second Time's The Charm)

If you didn't see how I developed the software to generate the Ugly Sweater design in the first contest, read this post about my first design here.

Back To The Drawing Board

This year I realized that I needed to create a bigger design so that 1) people could see the detail on the voting page and 2) so people in the stands could see the design as well.

Here's the design I came up with:

The results came out and my design was the winner in a landslide (according to a Stampede radio segment for Kelo-AM).

As the winner, I also had to design the socks on a quick deadline and I came up with these after some suggestions by my wife:

My family & I got to drop the puck for the game and had seats on the glass. It was a night we'll always remember.